Saturday, December 01, 2007


bad bad bad... ive got headache!
kenapa sih smuanya gampang aja nuangin masalah.
i may never looks that i dont had any problem. but deep down i have many!
and them, like always, its like insane monkey keep banging my head, melontarkan kenyataan2 yang menyedihkan. membuat sedih then makes me pisses off! "cant you just shut up!"

actually im not that typical who loves to care others,
as long as you dont cry or beggin for my effort or you lost your home or even lose your consciusness. well i care. i do care
but all em do is just slappin my head. i feel sorry and i wanted to help. but icant do anything and you know that. you always knew that. i never can do anything for your prob. so please.. this is very hard to mee. please let me being peacefull... i have many things to think about and its not only our problem, please...
we all have same prob, same fact, life is not wonderland
and i knew it, im not a little girl anymore
so please mom.. please stop

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